Bobby pins

This week:

I am listening to: Ra Ra Riot, Aurora, Cydi Lauper

What I’m pairing my Diet Coke with: I don’t know what’s going on in life rn.


Bobby pins.

Brian was someone I ignored after one date. I wasn’t over my ex, school was weird, etc. A few months later I found myself calling him.

Brian: Why are you calling me?

Me: Rude. Don’t hate me. I have to be out of this apartment soon… and I need somewhere to crash. Anyone you know subletting?

Brian: You’re kidding right?

Me: No… I wouldn’t have called, wait, hello?

Brian: You ignored me and now you are asking me for favors. Classic.

Me: Ugh. Okay I realize how awful I sound sorry. I am just trying to utilize all of my resources.


Me: Okay, I used it as an excuse because…I wanted to see you?? It’s possible?

About a month later, I moved closer to his neighborhood we started dating. I mean we started fighting.

Typical day:

Me: I hate it when you pretend like you don’t know what I just said.

Brian: Look at this. How the hell do your bobby pins end up in the kitchen sink? And in my ashtray?

Me: Ew. You shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes inside anyways. By the way…. the cigarette you are smoking right now… is like the longest cigarette in history. I feel like you’ve been smoking that for an hour.

Brian: Oh, I can’t even smoke a cigarette without you critiquing me?

I was wheeling around in an office chair in his music studio area or whatever.

Brian: I was going to make dinner and now there are bobby pins everywhere, you’ve only been here for an hour.

Me: I got here 2.5 hours ago. I had to braid my hair because I didn’t wash it and someone was in the bathroom FOREVER.

Brian: So you set up beauty salon in the kitchen?

I studied the shaggy, mop on his head and imagined what it would look like if he braided his hair.

Brian: Yeah, I mean when do you wash your hair? You know what? Never mind. Listen to this song I started today.

Me: Wait, let me read this chapter I wrote today.

Brian: Do you ever listen?

Me: Yes I do. I’m pretending to be uninterested because you’re yelling at me.

Brian: Well I don’t want to hear about your stuff because you’re rolling your eyes at me. Are you smelling your armpits?

Me: What does that have to do with anything?

Brian: Don’t take this the wrong way, but…

Me: I’m going home.

Brian: You can’t go home because, because, uh..

Me: Because why? Because we need to yell at each other some more? We literally don’t agree on anything and earlier you called my music emo bullshit based off of ONE SONG I PLAYED.

Brian: FINE. You know, I never fight with anyone except for you.

Me: I never fight with anyone, except for you.

Brian: I think we both like it.

Me: I know. That’s why I’m leaving.

You get the gist of it. Clearly a picket fence and a yellow Labrador retriever was never in our future. Our torrid, short-lived winter romance taught us that some people are better off apart. A month or so before I left Boston I was leaving a dance class in Central Square, and there he was… outside smoking a cigarette.

Brian: Whoa, look at the tiny dancer.

Me: Cool.

Brian: Where were you, ballet?

Me: No, I thought I would try my hand at tap dancing one more time.

Brian: Want to grab a coffee?

We sat at the nearest Starbucks.

Brian: You won’t believe it. I’m flying to New York tomorrow to negotiate a contract for the band.

Me: I saw you have like 20,000 followers now, good for you. I’m not being sarcastic, swear it.

He rolled his eyes.

Brian: Remember when you were frozen? On the swing after the snowstorm? And you said you didn’t want to hear the song because it wasn’t about you?

Me: Haha, and then it was.

Brian: Well that song…I’m bringing in a children’s choir from this school in New York CIty to do the chorus, it’s going to be really beautiful. Guess what I am going to name it?

Me: Bobby pins.

He wrote something down on his coffee ring stained napkin and slid it over to me.

Me: Whoa.

Brian: Right?

Me: Good luck tomorrow, I mean that.

Brian: I know you do.

I walked away, pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and tossed it at him. He flashed a smile, put it in his pocket, and walked down to the subway.