Taking on too much.

Recently I have been going thru some pretty intense issues with my family. I am having to pick up my siblings, go to class and I am almost working full time. My problem is– that I can’t say no. I am afraid my grades are going to slip, but I also can’t let my family down. I am hoping to find some compromise soon. I have found that talking to my friends has been pretty helpful. I am working on being more assertive with my family and asking for what I want/need.

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  • W.S. says:

    Hey there. I know exactly how you feel, in terms of taking on too much at one time. I always make a lists of solutions, and try and stick to a schedule. Its hard to feel like you are letting your family down. But they should understand that you can’t always do it all. Don’t forget about self care!!! Do a little something nice for yourself everyday. I hope you are doing better today.

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