Paulette Gonzalez

Meet Paulette Gonzalez ! One-third of Child Nomadica; World traveler, hoping to inspire others through her own experiences.


Describe what you are doing with Child Nomadica?

CN is essentially 3 friends coming together to find our own bliss. We will travel the world while simultaneously exploring deep within ourselves for the sake of self discovery.

What inspired you to create Child Nomadica?

1 1/2 years ago myself and four of my good friends took a trip to Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula. Most of our time there was spent camping on the beach, creating delicious food and music, sharing stories about life with other travelers and just straight up having an incredible time. In every moment spent there we sensed an energy— almost tangible; a vital force, calling to us. We had found bliss within ourselves, with nature and with God. Living life this way made sense.

How long do you plan on traveling for?

I hope to travel for one year on this trip and if all goes well maybe even a little longer. But my travels won’t end here. There are many places outside of the US that are calling my name– I will eventually get to visit when the time is right.

What were your biggest challenges, or setbacks that you faced before starting your journey? 

We had to jump over many hurdles to get where we are at now.  The biggest one was trying to get the fuck out of Texas. My family’s home (where Nathan and I were living at the time) got hit by the Memorial weekend flood, leaving us and my family homeless. Luckily, our bus that we were initially going to take on this trip was parked outside and with 4 hours notice to evacuate, we were able to get the majority of our belongings out of the house and into the bus. From there we were forced to move in with my grandmother and the bus became our storage for a while. After settling in we finally found some time to have our bus looked at by a mechanic, only to discover it wasn’t road worthy enough. During this long period of doubt and frustration, we lost one of our travel members. He decided to follow his heart and take on a journey of his own. Finally, with three of us left, we decided on taking Nathan’s van.

What is you favorite part about what you do? 

There is so much about this journey that I love. Nature is a big one. Mother Earth has to a lot to offer and what better way to understand her than to explore her? Freedom is another. I choose the path I want to take and I learn and grow from it everyday. I get to connect with people from all over, building relationships that are unique and special. The challenges I face, like freezing my ass off in plummeting temperatures in the middle of the wilderness, miles away from everything. It’s fucking rough at times but the fact that I pull through these things means a great deal to me. No matter when I am there is always something new and beautiful I am learning from.

What has been the best thing you have witnessed, since being away from Texas?

Oh man, there are so many good things that I have come across. The first one was finally getting to see and touch soft, fluffy snow. To see it falling, so freely in the mountains after a satisfying dip in a hot spring. The second one is witnessing how quickly and willingly a person can allow themselves to open up and be so vulnerable to a complete stranger, because that person knows that there will be no judgment, just a listening ear and an open heart. One night in Joshua Tree, CA , myself and 8 other campers/travelers sat around a fire and each one of us explained exactly what was on our minds in that very moment. The experience was beautiful, one I could never forget. After all was said and done, we stood up, group hugged and howled at the glorious full moon.

You also make jewelry, Wandering Habit. Tell us about that. Is there a way to purchase?

I started making jewelry a couple of years ago for my own pleasure. A piece here and there when I couldn’t find something I was looking for. I would post pieces on my personal Instagram account (@iwishiwasthemoontonight) and got positive feed back from friends and followers. When I started planning for CN I started thinking of ways to make a little more money for my trip and thats when I decided to open an online Etsy shop for Wandering Habit. I am still making jewelry on the road and you can find all of my jewelry on my Etsy or Instagram account.

–> View Paulette’s Etsy Account Here
–> IG: @wanderinghabit

What do you expect to take away from this part of your life?

I can really feel this experience as a whole helping me see things about myself in a different light; a beautiful light. I’m not exactly sure what it is that I am searching for but I do know that this path that I am on feels right. There are many ideas of what I expected to take away from this trip and each day something new is revealing itself to me, helping me overcome fears and uncertainty and allowing more room for love, forgiveness, trust and God to enter my heart. Some things don’t always go as expected but I believe that there isn’t anything the Universe can give me that I can’t handle, because I hold within in me a truth; an all knowing. With time and experience I will eventually understand how it works, and this trip is just a sliver of life that’s helping me ascend to that truth.

Do you have advice for people who wish to do something similar?

Stay positive! Don’t get down if something doesn’t go as planned. The Universe might have something better for you. I try not to worry or dwell on a negative situation that I encounter, instead I choose to learn from it. Try not to let money dictate your life.  Hell yeah, it’s awesome when you have enough to splurge on whatever you want, but you don’t need a whole a lot when you’re traveling the way I am. I choose to travel with the bare minimum and I like it. I have so much more appreciation for the things I do have. Sometimes you just have to put your needs aside and accept that life isn’t always about getting what you want.

Last but not least, our favorite question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It’s hard to say where I think ill be in 5 years. Hopefully still traveling. I’m not ready to settle down anytime soon and there is still so much that I want to see and do.

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