Necessary things for an AC belt

Inside my AC pouch:

Must haves:

– flathead screw driver

– phillip’s head screwdriver

– flashlight

– sharpie

– whiteboard markers (different colors, thickness)

– tape measure

– air puffer

– camera tape (white and black)

– small notepad

– allen wrench set

– knife

– pen and pencil *not pictured

– lens tissue *not pictured

– Pancro (lens fluid) *not pictured


– extra carabiner

– wax pencil

– “shammy” NOT for lenses

– bongo ties

– orange sticks

– chocolate (I typically carry hot sauce)

– pliers with sharp edge (for cutting wires or tough objects)

– moleskin

These are the things I keep on my belt at all times. If not, it is in my AC run bag which always should always be accessible. Typically I keep larger items in my run bag (lens fluid, filters, extra batteries). This is what works best for me, though the contents of my pouch and the run bag change depending on the shoot. I also own a smaller pouch that I use for smaller productions.